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Re: magazine light seal

Take a look at the inside of your Magazine covers. On the French 200' mags and on the English 400' mags there are long rubber rods designed to keep the film from rubbing right up against the door in the event of loose film or a loose core, (the French 400' mags use a stainless steel rod instead --- noisier if the film rubs, but less likely to jam the mag since the stainless steel rods place less friction on the film than the rubber --- I'm in the process of converting all my mags to stainless steel, figuring that noise is better than a jam).

If you strip off one of these rubber rods, you should find that they are a perfect match for the rubber seal around the mag pressure plate. I once used a few to replace a worn-out seal; I used contact cement--- got cement all over the place and it looked ugly but worked. My gluing technique definitely needed refining. If nothing else, you could take one of those rubber rods to a rubber supply company, or a gasket making company, or an electronics store selling rubber belts for VCR and audio equipment, and try to match it.

Let us know what ends up working. Mark.

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