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Re: magazine light seal

The rubber light seal you are talking about is still used by Aaton on the
seal of their magazine doors.  If you contact the offical Aaton dealers in
the USA, tell them you have an LTR mag with damaged light seals and you wish
to put it on yourself.  They should just sell you a few lengths (not sure
how much for).  You can glue it into place with superglue, and stretch the
lengths to fit accordingly.



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Subject: magazine light seal

I need some advice. I need to replace a light seal on one of my mags.
It's the rubber seal on the throat of the mag that goes around the
outside of the pressure plate. It's some sort of rectangular shaped
O-ring. Has anybody had success replacing one of these?  Can one use an
off the shelf O-ring?  If so what size? I have two mags where the seals
have dried out and need replacement.

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