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RE: Eclair ACL Do it yourself projects

Glad to see some life come back to the List. I know we have members from all over the globe and if you have been touched personally by our national tragedy, my condolences.

I've been messing around with some DIY batteries for my myriad of cameras and have come up with some pretty good (read: cheap) solutions. Stay tuned. Once I get a digital camera I will post some pix and a page on how to build one. Very easy.

Mark at Super16 ACL is working on a basic maintenance manual for the ACL that will save people alot of money in basic lube and cleans for their cameras, but I know he's been busy with his doc lately.

On the matte box front, a fellow Listee and all around swell guy, Les Bosher is now producing a beautiful 4x4 two stage matte box at a VERY reasonable price. It can be mounted directly to the lens or mounted on Arri standard mini rods (which Les builds as well with an attachment for the ACL). I have a pic for anyone interested. He also produces a high quality PL-ACL adaptor (pic available), aperture plate covers, and various other parts and adaptors for the ACL. For prices you should contact Les directly at his website, http://www.lesbosher.co.uk I'm going to buy several items from Les in the near future. In order to save on shipping, Les has offered to ship items directly to me and then I can in turn ship them to individuals here in the States. If this sounds interesting please send me an email and we can make arrangements.
-Ray the List Mum

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