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RE: Eclair ACL Do it yourself projects

I had a self-supporting bellows matte box that I was selling for $450 that
fitted onto the top handle block on the Eclair ACL.  It was held with a
single lightweight bar.  Very simple and very cost effective, but I removed
it from the site due to very low orders.  I only have one left now which I
have already promised to a buyer in the UK.

This matte box could accomodate Tiffen or Cokin P series filters.  The
Tiffen really weren't recommended unless the matte box was fitted to the
lens, but the P series are so light and cheap they were perfect.

If anyone is looking for a supplier of matte boxes I'm sure I could help.  I
have no idea what Les Bosher is charging but I'm sure it's a lot more (but
I'm sure it's a superb item though).  I wouldn't proceed with manufacturing
again unless I could get quantity orders.

I wish someone out there would set up their own motion picture equipment
sales company in the USA.  I'm stuck in the UK.  Help!



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Hello all,

What kind of DIY projects has anyone here done in the interest of saving
money or perfecting the mousetrap?  I'm interested in building a matte
box to save $2500 towards something else, such as a video assist system,
or maybe retirement. :)

I came across images of a homemade mattebox for a GL1 miniDV camera, but
there were no schematics, rough drawings, or descriptions of its

Has anyone here had positive or negative experiences with projects like



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