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RE: Eclair ACL Do it yourself projects

Hopefully nobody here has any loved ones that perished or are missing from the bombing. My heart goes out to the victims and their families, and the Muslim and Islamic citizens that have unjustly been targeted by people looking to vent.

Thank you for the unsolicited plug for Les. I've been corresponding with him since Friday. I am interested in his matte boxes, expecially the bellows, but was somewhat taken aback by the flexibility of design of the unit...I've never seen a matte box flex like that! Les says that it's been very popular, so this is just probably me filtering based on what I think a matte box should look like, in my extremely limited experience. :)

What is the general concensus around here about the use of the flexible bellows for cinematic work? How about the 100mm rigid box?

I appreciate any feedback...it will ease my buying decision.



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