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Re: Eclair ACL Just got mine last night

Thanks Mark.
Those measurementsare the same as the ones I've got.
I suspect that the larger Rosettes are non standard.
I'll be making these in bulk for my handgrip , which will then be able to fit on camera or support bars (better balance or if you haven't got the bit on the camera )

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 Subject: Re: Eclair ACL Just got mine last night

ACL II Handle Rosette specs outer diameter = 24mm inner diameter =20mm # teeth = 40 center hole = 10 mm diameter 2 screw holes for 2.5mm screws at 180 degrees from each other; recess for screw heads is 4.5mm --- the recess starts butted up against the edge of the rossettes right up to the edge of the center hole (just shy of breaking through to center). SOMEONE ELSE SHOULD DOUBLE CHECK MY MEASUREMENTS! Thanks.
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