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RE: Eclair ACL Just got mine last night

Sorry, thought I had done that.

Send it to:

Wade Ramsey
1700 Wade Hampton Blvd.
Greenville, SC 29614

Size Large



cinesota@yahoo.com 9/29/01 1:53:36 AM >>>
Congrats Beau on the new cam!
Are you sure it's an ACL II handle?  The Arri handle for the SR looks
a little like the big Eclair grip. Never seen that problem before. I thought the rosettes matched across the ACL models.

I have a couple of ideas that might work.

Cheap idea: Find a plastic or hard rubber washer or gasket that would

fit between the handle rosette and camera rosette. The teeth of each

might bite into the softer material of the ring enough to hold it
tight. You'll probably have to gorilla it down.

Expensive idea: Have a new rosette ring machined to match the handle

These are only suggestions. Others might have a better answer for

I'm creating a list of widgets and things that would make life easier

for us ACL owners. One of the things on the list was a thin adaptor
ring that would go between the rosettes on an ACL camera and an Arri handle or an Aaton handle. Thereby allowing the ACL to accept handles from different manufacturers. Probably wouldn't be too hard to have some

CNC'd. I'll put a check mark next to that one.

ps. Wade Ramsey, if you catch this thread send me your address and T-shirt size. I've got a T-shirt waiting for ya.

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