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RE: Eclair ACL voltage for ACL motor?

Good call Les! The other thing to consider about NiMh batteries is they are eco-friendly. NiCads are very bad for the environment. I only do my recells with NiMh cells (and occasionally lead-acid cells).

I tracked down that original posting regarding upping the voltage to the ACL motor. Wade Ramsey posted it. He was referring to the CP modified motor and he used 14.4v. Wade was told by CP that it would handle up to 19v! Any thoughts on whether the single speed motor can handle 13.2v or 14.4v? The CP motor was really just an upgraded single speed motor.

Les Bosher wrote:
While re-celling battery packs , it might be worth considering NiMh cells .
They are much higher capacity than Nicads for the same physical size &
weight , & in my experience are much more reliable
Les the old feller.

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