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RE: Eclair ACL voltage for ACL motor?

Hi, Jeff

Yes, these are the type of batteries I have. they are 10 1.2V each. My
Eclair charger only puts out 6.3 volts though. That's when it's on 110
Volts. Where can I buy these batteries? I think I can solder them easy


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I have recelled my onboard batteries for my ACL II and its a rather easy
process. I assume you have split the cases by removing the 4 screws that
them together. All you need to do remove the two power leads (12V, and
from the nicad assembly (comprised of (10) 1.2V nicad cells and bring the
assembly to your nearest Batteries Plus. They will assemble a new battery
(they weld the batteries together just like the factory with solder tabs).
Just resolder the leads and reassemble.

For greater capacity (longer running) using a higher milli amp rating. The
batteries (Hard Black Plastic Cases) had a 1200 mah rating. I used 1800 or
2200 milliamp batteries. Never had a problem and have recelled batteries for
both my previous ACL II and ARRI SR onboard batteries

Jeff Buss

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