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Re: Eclair ACL voltage for ACL motor?

Ray --- Here's a thought, and bear in mind that I blow up half of the electrical things I undertake. But if you clip a voltmeter into your power line, (you'd probably have to temporarily de-solder a connection to clip the two leads to), you can see how much the voltage from a 12 volt battery drops while the camera is running. If, for example, using a 12 volt battery, the voltage reads 10.5 volts while the camera is turned on, then it would be (I think) a pretty safe bet using a 13.5 volt battery. But I'm sure there are others that know this stuff better than I do. Mark. PS - As far as batteries, you might even want to go as far as experimenting with cannibalizing some Lithium-Ion Cells from camcorder batteries --- they are half the weight.

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