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RE: Eclair ACL voltage for ACL motor?

Check out the www.batterystation.com
They have the best selection of batteries I've found. Unusual sizes like 4/5 AA, A, etc. You can order any of their batteries pre-tabbed for easier soldering. If you measure the size of your old Eclair cells you should be able to deduce what size battery to order (they list the dimensions of each battery on the site). Hope this helps. Let us know how it worked out.

valexander@stan.csustan.edu wrote:
Hi, Jeff

Yes, these are the type of batteries I have. they are 10 1.2V each. My
Eclair charger only puts out 6.3 volts though. That's when it's on 110
Volts. Where can I buy these batteries? I think I can solder them easy


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