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RE: Eclair ACL Modification of Eclair Motors to accept Arri-Speed Controllers

Here is a call to all you electronic-types out there.
At: <A HREF="www.members.aol.com/HeresTheFile">www.members.aol.com/HeresTheFile</A>

there is a schematic of the CP modified ACL motor that can be downloaded. Is anyone knowledgeable able to spot the 9 places where wires would have to be soldered to connect an 11-pin FISHER Socket so that this motor can accept Speed Controllers designed for the Arri? (I'm making the possibly erronious assumption that no extra parts are necessary).

11-Pin Fisher Connector for Arri Speed-Controller Compatibility: Pin 1. Signal Ground; Pin 2. Shutter Pulses (TTL)- output, 1 per frame; Pin 5. External Synch Enable- input; Pin 6. Tach. Pulses- output, 200 pulses per frame; Pin 7. Remote ON/OFF - motor will run if pin connected to +12V (for ACL II base only); Pin 8. External Synch. (TTL)- input, 3200 pulses per frame; Pin 9. 0 volts from camera battery; Pin 11. +12 volts from camera battery. The above info was obtained from the AZ Spectrum SIte, which lists the connections necessary to install an 11-pin Fisher socket to an ACL motor. (AZ Spectrum makes Speed Controllers that use the 11-pin Fisher Connector). They will also do the modification for $650.

This modification should, in theory, also allow the ACL to use Tobin Speed Controllers along with Tobin's Fisher cable.

Thanks. Mark.

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