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Eclair ACL CA-1 to Nikon conversion

Hi all,
Has anyone attempted the conversion of their original CA-1 mount to a Nikon mount? I was looking at my increasingly obsolete CA-1 mount wondering what to do with it (besides selling it cheap on ebay) and it occurred to me, given the CA-1 has a flange focal depth of 48mm and Nikon is 46.5mm the conversion might be fairly simple. The internal brass sleeve can be removed by undoing 3 retaining screws. The brass sleeve is approximately 2mm thick so removing that leaves us at 46mm. Add the depth of the Nikon bayonet ring (the one I have is appoximately 1mm thick) and you are pretty close. Some precision shaving of the mount might have to be done (1/2 a mm or so) to get us back to 46.5, but any good machine shop should be able to do it. The trickiest part looks to be the adding a locking pin for the Nikon mount and getting the Nikon ring dead center on the original ACL mount. Surprisingly the Nikon mount is approximately the same diameter as the ACL mount.

I purchased a Nikon-ACL mount about a year ago and upon studying it, it looks as if it once enjoyed life as a CA-1 mount and was converted at some point (albeit it is obviously a professional conversion).

Whadda ya guys think?


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