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Re: Eclair ACL Motor Wiring

Yes please send it to me, I got the one of the site, but it's a little hard
to read so the bigger the better.  Thanks.


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Hi James,
I have a diagram of the original CP conversion of the ACL motor. I
believe it shows the proper pin outs of the green connector (I can't
read a wiring schematic to save my life, it might be upside down for all
I know:-) Email me if you are interested. It is also on Mark's site in a
smaller version at  http://members.aol.com/super16acl/menu.htm

ocularmagic@yahoo.com wrote:
>  I just acquired a light duty acl motor, the only
> problem is someone chopped off the little green
> connector.  Are there any brave souls out there that
> may have their motor apart or taken it apart and can
> clue me in on what wires off the boards go to what
> position on the connector?  I'll be happy to supply a
> drawing with question marks next to the wires in
> question and the position on the boards they come
> from. Anyone?
> James


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