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Eclair ACL CA-1 Adapters

Hi All,
In response to Ray's question about fitting a Nikon Mount to the CA- 1 Adapter , yes , I regularly convert 1 Port on the Cameflex Camera to Nikon using a Nikon Port of my own manufacture . It ain't easy getting the bronze ring out , as it's been there for about 40 years , it generally needs the deft use of a saw . It's VERY time consuming , but the Turret is also not easy to replicate , so it's cost effective .
It's much cheaper & safer to make a new Nikon - ACL Adapter than to attempt to Modify the CA -1 .
Bear in mind also , that I make an Adapter from Cameflex - Arriflex Bayonet , which I would have thought was the logical use for the CA -1.

Les , the Antique Engineer

Web Site : -  www.lesbosher.co.uk
Tel/Fax :- 01685 811422

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