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Eclair ACL ACL Conversions

Hi All,
Being a Professional Manufacturing Camera Engineer I try not to get too involved in the goings on of the Forum.

But as I also have a DEEP affection for Film Cameras I feel the need to spout.!
I've read with interest the discourse about DIY Super 16 Conversions.
Presumably you ALL have the necessary machinery ( about $50,000.00 worth ) to machine the offset on the casting for the Port etc + the Collimator in order to set the Ground Glass EXACTLY (+ or - .0002" ) to the same Plane as the Film Plane + left to right + up & down , or doesn't a Sharp Focus Picture matter.
I don't mind WHO does the conversion , but I do mind all those lovely cameras being SCRAPPED !
I don't know , or even care , what other Engineers charge , but am told that I'm reasonable , & I HAVE been an Engineer for 36 Years so far.


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