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RE: Eclair ACL New kid on the block ...

Hey Phill,
I usually agree with everything Mark says with regards to the ACL. He knows the camera inside out and super 16 conversions in particular. If you are going to go S16 then his HD144 kit is the way to go.

But I have to disagree on a do it yourself super 16 upgrade. Usually I'm a staunch supporter of the DIY approach. I think routine maintenance and cleaning is well within the capabilities of alot of us. A super 16 conversion on the other hand is a major undertaking. I saw the camera you bought and it looks like a beauty. You say it's very quiet. If you get in there and goof anything it's likely to come out sounding like a lawnmower. If that happens you are gonna end up paying someone to quiet it down. I would leave a conversion to a good camera tech. Nothing replaces experience. Some of these guys were getting camera grease under their fingernails before alot of us were born. There are a couple of excellent technicians who are List members and they do S16 conversions for a reasonable price. Considering what you paid for your ACL, it might be well worth the extra cost.
Not trying to be preachy here, just want you to look before you leap.


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