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Eclair ACL ACL Conversions

Hi All ,
Over the past few days I've picked up a lot of speculation about my ACL Conversion. I feel I should respond in my defence.
Firstly , I've been a Camera Engineer since 1965 , possibly longer than many of you have been breathing !

I don't publish in minute detail exactly how I do my work , most people trust my experience .
If you needed an operation , would the Surgeon need to tell you EVERY minute detail before you permitted him to operate , or would you ,maybe , trust his judgement ?.

I can assure you , however , that the job I do IS Correct & I don't cut corners .

As to my price being too cheap , I can only apologise .
I was under the illusion that you were poverty stricken as you use ACL's & not the latest offering from Panavision .
I also set my price to be in keeping with the initial value of the camera.A $2000.00 job on a $1000.00 camera doesn't add up in my view.

Please feel free to email me if I'm not charging enough.If I get enough response I will happily increase my price by 50% , which is probably more realistic , considering how much I put into the job.
Most people & Companies around the World don't even ask the price if I do something out of the ordinary for them .
Come on guys , give me a break here , I'm trying to help you improve your cameras , & leave you a few Bucks to buy some Film .
Any other queries , feel free to contact me direct , rather than raising uninformed speculation on the Forum


Web Site : -  www.lesbosher.co.uk
Tel/Fax :- 01685 811422

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