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Re: FORSALE: Eclair ACL 1.5 16mm camera

I have some questions about the popular designations for ACLs, the
"1", the "1.5" and "2". Actually, it's the 1.5 I'm curious about. I know that only the "2" (or II, as Eclair designated it) is an actual
Eclair designation.  We have one of the original English-made models,
built by Debrie. I have used a II.
But looking at Dave's excellent photos of his "1.5" piqued my
curiousity.  What makes it a 1.5?  He says it has a French body.  I
thought the French bodies all came equipped with the improved finder
and the multi-speed motors.  I have the advertising folder from Ecam
in '76, when they were so careful to refer to it as the "French Eclair
ACL" to distinguish it from the English model.  It shows the improved
finder with diopter adjustment by rotating the eyepiece.  I have
always thought that this model was what came to be designated the 1.5.
Dave's finder is the English type.
I also have the '79 folder on the French model after Soremec took
over.  It has the nice anatomical hand grip, the NPR style finder and
the deeper embase.  It is still designated as "ACL", no Roman numeral
II.  The only thing that seems to differentiate it from the ACL-II of
1980 (also have that Soremec folder) is the II's on board battery.

So would you folks who deal with all these models and their
permutations educate me on what determines how these are designated?

Also, Dave's motor is the single speed motor.  Did the first French
bodies come with the old motor and English finder?  His 400' magazines
look like English mags, with the nice digital footage counters, rather
than the French "gas gauge" type.

Wade K. Ramsey, DP
Dept. of Cinema & Video Production
Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC 29614

drooth@yahoo.com 12/10/01 2:23:20 AM >>>
ACL FEATURES: Summarized
Body: French Magazine Latch Lock: slide beneath latch Battery Connection: mini-plug Battery: not on-board Viewfinder: Angenieux Orientable Motor: 24-25 fps Multi-Speed, Heavy Duty Base: medium- sliding switch Carrying Handle: long and anatomic Pistol Grip: non-anatomic, no switch Includes:
Eclair ACL 16mm camera, Vario-Sonnar Carl Zeiss
1:2,8/10-100mm s, 2x400ft mags, hand grip, camera bag,
Aerolyte alluminium travel case, other bits & pieces. Notes:
All the optics are in excellent condition - no
scratches!! and have been cleaned and collimated.
Eclair ACLs are great cameras, real work horses that
will continue shooting and shooting and shooting. really like the fact that you can upgrade it to super
16. It's also shoulder mount.
It is a real best buy camera for budget documentaries
& music videos.
It is really lightweight, simple to use and gives high
image steadiness, especially when you want to use 400ft. mags and shoot at hi-speed up to 75fps. Note that the pins that connect the lens to the camera
body need replacing before the camera will be fully
The power cable needs to be purchased separately. Still a great camera at a great price.

See auction on ebay:

http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1308500827 More images: www.todave.com
I am willing to close the ebay auction and sell
directly to you! Please email me at dave@todave.com
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