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Re: FORSALE: Eclair ACL 1.5 16mm camera

I have a page on just the technical differences between ACL 1, 1.5 and II at:

I have never been 100% certain on the precise chronology of which year? which country? which parts? Jean Pierre B at Aaton was going to have the original engineers contact me for an interview, but they never got in touch. If there is an "old timer" out there who recalls exactly how the transition happened, I'd be very intertested. For example, I have always assumed that the ACL must had started in France before moving to England in order to account for the French 200' mags --- but maybe I'm wrong. (I've never seen an English 200' mag myself).

A true "1.5" (ie-FRENCH Eclair ACL) should have the Heavy Duty, multi-speed motor (without external sync ability), an Angenieux orientable finder, just the "regular" non-anatomic handle (no switch on handle), no on-board battery, mag release lock slides from underneath, medium base with mini-power jack. The ACL II added external sync to the motor, Kinoptik finder (MUCH brighter), anatomic handle, on-board battery, mag release cover instead of slide lock, large base and full-size XLR power jack. But many ACLs out there are mutts.

I've always assumed that the "1.5" was only made by the French in order to fix problems and keep the ACL alive after the English project ended (Thus the "French Eclair ACL" as Eclair's name for what has come to be nick-named the "1.5"). I've assumed that the English ACL 1 only had the original "non-orientable" finder and single speed motor, while adding a 400' mag that they figured could be driven by that motor (they do seem to me to place less drag on the motor than the French 400' mags). But I could be wrong on my chronology of which country had what ... and when!

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