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Re: Eclair ACL My twopennys worth on the ACL S16 conversion

Robert's comments are very accurate --- anyone who has ever had one apart can relate to his pain. Only a veteran ACL Tech has the necessary skill to rip apart an ACL, put it back together, and have it not clack away like a train wreck. And that's in either Regular-16 or S-16. There's no problem with getting the Super-16 parts in place --- they are easy to install. But getting the camera back together ... Ah, There's the rub (pun intended ... the parts are so squeezed together they will rub against each other until custom adjusted!)

The ACL was a brilliant design in compactness that required each one off the assembly line be custom assembled like a Rolls Royce. Most of the folks on the TECHS LIST on my S-16 site are old timers who go back to the original factory days ... they are worth their weight in gold! That's why the very first line of the HD-144 manual says that only a veteran ACL pro can do a conversion.

Because I market a S-16 conversion kit, I get many e-mails asking if I'd be willing to also do the conversion for a fee. I turn everyone down in the blink of an eye. Designing the kit is a whole different world from installing it. However with the work done by a pro, a S-16 ACL is a great camera.
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