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Re: Eclair ACL Merry Christmas!

The Angeneux primes aren't great. While in theory a prime should be sharper than a zoom (all things equal), I'll bet that the zoom can't be any worse. But I've never done a side-by-side.

There are two great cost advantages to Super 16 over 35mm. At a shooting ratio over somewhere around 8:1, you are saving big money even with the cost of blow-up figured in. Also, impovershed indies tend to start a project without having the entire budget up front, and shoot over time as the money comes in. Super 16 allows you to defer a big chunk of cash to the very end (the blow-up). Also, some projects (like "Leaving Las Vegas") benefit from the style that is given by extreme camera mobility. Many indie filmmakers like to operate themselves; my body can barely handle the weight of S-16 with a 400' mag (-wimp-, I know) --- 35mm would be out of the question. In fact I've done a prototype conversion of an ACL 200' mag to accomodate 350 feet of film just to get the camera even lighter still! (the conversion is way too much effort, machine work and $$$ to be practical).

Happy New Year to all. Mark.

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