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Re: Eclair ACL Merry Christmas!

I used the Ang 25mm lens a lot in the past. It is very unsharp compared to better lenses, and at .95 the depth of field is so poor that you should make sure that your ground glass is 100% perfectly collomated so that the exact point that you think you've focused on through the finder is indeed precisely what the film plane is seeing --- if the ground glass vrs lens plane comparison is even an inch off (which may be okay if you're using a stop that has some depth of field built in), the shot will be soft. Make sure that you can rely on the lens focus marks, (ie-lens flange also 100% collomated, then run focus tests and remark the lens if necessary; and when shooting always double check your eye focus against the lens markings --- especially under dim light, where precise eyefocus will be difficult.) I'm not saying that you shouldn't use the lens, but with great care in focus; and for video use only --- certainly not for blowup. Also, check to make sure that you are really getting a .95; if the F.95 on the Ang 25 ends up giving the same exposure as a T2 on some other lens, then all you are doing is getting less focus and no more exposure. Also, test to make sure that using the .95 is better than just pushing the stock a stop. Being honest, getting rid of my Ang primes and going over to old Zeiss Standards (you can get them for $300 if you look around) was the best thing I ever did. But Ang fans may disagree.

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