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Re: Eclair ACL Merry Christmas!

All things other things being equal, I'd happily shoot an entire feature on
35mm using 5279 and use a nice Zeiss zoom lens.  If I were shooting S16, I
wouldn't go any faster than 7277 and I'd absolutely use primes.  Now, on
S16, I'd aim for a 2 - 2.8 split, where on 35mm I'd shoot for around a T4,
(I hate soft focus shots) so maybe the difference in the amount one would
have to generate is minimal, but it's faster to use less light and a zoom
than it is to change primes and have to light more.

There's a quality difference too, of course.  35mm will look better than S16
due to the size of the image on the negative (less grain on 35mm) and the
shallower depth of field helps the image 'pop' in my opinion.

Somebody mentioned that the cost of S16 becomes an advantage when you shoot
8:1 or more, but I think I'd guess it's more like 12:1 or more when you
consider the time and quality elements as well.

That being said, if you're shooting something that low budget that you're
opting for S16mm over 35mm, regular 16mm isn't a bad choice, because you can
project it on 16mm (and save the blow up costs) and if you never get past
the video edit (which is very likely) you've saved even more.

Happy Holidays from Sunny LA!

Warren Yeager, SOC
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Hi, Ray

Merry Christmas from me also, to everyone out there. I enjoy reading the
postings, even if I don't post much. Actually, I'm a bit old fashioned
maybe, but I think that the regular 16mm format is best for 16mm
I think if you want Super 16, why bother with the hassle, just shoot 35mm.
By the time you're done paying for all the extra expense of dealing with
Super 16, you've already gone beyond the 35mm budget. And you get so much
better results with the 35mm. 16mm if great for documentary style
where as an independent you don't have the money to shoot 50:1 ratios,



PS: I have a set of Angenenieux primes for my ACL. Do you think they're
sharper than the 12-120mm Angenieux, or is it splitting hairs?

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Subject: Eclair ACL Merry Christmas!

Hi All,
Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Ray the List Mum

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