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Re: Eclair ACL What should I buy?

Complete Super~16  Camera package. Ready to shoot. Small and
this kit represents a complete solution to sync Super-16 filming.
The outfit comprises the following,
1 x Eclair ACL Camera body in Super~16
2 x 400ft Magazines in Super-16

These magazines may be useless with the motor included. The 24/25fps motor is wimpy and may burn out if you use these magazines with it.

1 x 200ft Magazine in Super-16
1 x Angenieux 12-120mm f2.2lens in Super-16

Be sure that this lens has been specially converted for super-16 coverage. The lens, unmodified, will not cover S16 under 45mm or so...

1 x 24/25fps Crystal Motor

BUMMER.  This is a wimpy and unreliable motor (I know, my ACL has one).

1 x Right Hand Grip
2 x On Board Batteries
Battery Charger
1 x Arri Matte Box
1 x Eclair to Arri Mount adaptor (allows Arri lenses to be mounted)
1 x Camera Barney
Manfrotto legs
Manfrotto 200 head
Clapper Board
Flight Cases.

Nice set of accessories, though!

For £2000 Do you think tis is a good deal? Or should I go for Eclair 16

For the price, this is a good deal, yes. But you will be limited to 200ft magazines and you'll want some more lenses. Make sure to have it checked out first if you decide to buy it.

Should I go 16 or Super 16?

If you're shooting features, some would say shoot S16 with Schneider or Zeiss primes and blow up to 35mm. Others would say shoot 35mm for features.

If you're shooting for 4 x 3 television release, go with regular 16.

Marc S.

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