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Eclair ACL What should I buy?

I am new to this forum so bear  with me.
I am writting from London UK. I have just bee offered:

Complete Super~16 Camera package. Ready to shoot. Small and lightweight,
this kit represents a complete solution to sync Super-16 filming.
The outfit comprises the following,
1 x Eclair ACL Camera body in Super~16
2 x 400ft Magazines in Super-16
1 x 200ft Magazine in Super-16
1 x Angenieux 12-120mm f2.2lens in Super-16
1 x 24/25fps Crystal Motor
1 x Right Hand Grip
2 x On Board Batteries
Battery Charger
1 x Arri Matte Box
1 x Eclair to Arri Mount adaptor (allows Arri lenses to be mounted)
1 x Camera Barney
Manfrotto legs
Manfrotto 200 head
Clapper Board
Flight Cases.

For £2000 Do you think tis is a good deal? Or should I go for Eclair 16 with 2 mags and battery and 12-120?
Should I go 16 or Super 16?

Confused of London.

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