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Re: Eclair ACL Digest for EclairACL@topica.com, issue 96

Hi Robert.

Most of the Cameflex noise originates from the standard 16mm pin and the
slapback inside the magazines.  I'm going to remove the 16mm pull down
take out all extraneous moving parts and rollers, replace as much as I can
with spring loaded mechanisms and line the interior of the body with a
special led impregnated foam.  I'll also blimp the lens turret and cushion
as many solid parts with rubber as there is room for.  After I'm done I'll
make a sound proof barney to wrap around both camera and mags as well as
have a silent crystal motor constructed. I can't say much else because I
haven't had the chance to check out the noisiest parts of the Cameflex.
It won't be noisless or easy, but I'm sure I'll get it silent enough for
sync sound shooting.
May be you right.
I design problem to diminution noise for 35 mm cine camera Konvas too.
What i know.
80% all noises generate gearing. If it's spur- it's big noise. One way
replace spur to belt transmission ( with cogs ) or single-helical gearing.
Very interest to use magnetic friction clutch.
Next, you must antinoise covering to all camera and cassette body parts
Very important antinoise coverign to front camera body inside.

Best regards

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