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RE: Eclair ACL sound barney

At last I have bought the acl. It was in 16mm and I am going to get Les
Bosher to weave his super 16 magic on it, after talking to him. Is there
a sound barney for this camera?

I got one that fits over 200' backs. (It's blue in color) I'm pretty sure I saw one that fits over 400' backs. I made one with sound old sound blankets. Cut them up roughly into the shape of the camera, heavy stitching. Looks like a Frankenstein beast, but it worked. My one only film client DID remark about it, but what the hell, you didn't have to look at it in the shot.

The other thing is I got a good deal on the camera but there is no
battery. How easy is it to get one?

As long as you have the correct cable (whatever they call that funny barrel plug) and a standard 4 pin, you can use just about anything that would power a video camera. (What was the voltage again?) I used an Anton Bauer belt (that I usually used for a camera light) and never had to change the battery once for an entire feature that I shot.

Watch. Some techy guy is gonna tell me I was half a volt off. :-P Worked for me!

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