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RE: Eclair ACL Super 16mm ACL indie feature


That's wonderful! A member of the List shoots a movie with his Eclair ACL.
So it's possible to shoot a movie with the ACL! lol

Well, I'm encouraged to do it myself, I must admit. To hell with the
digital. I'll shoot film.


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 OK, I did it.  I shot my first feature on FILM with my Super 16mm ACL.
It's a comedy about dating, computers and the Internet called

The website: http://www.altsexmovie.com/

 The whole thing was shot with my good ol' ACL.  The websites' got A
TON of info on shooting film from a video guys perspective.  (Film stock
issues, lighting, lenses, transferring film to video, editing, etc.)  I
kept an online journal from day one as I learned how to use an ACL to
shoot this puppy.  (Note: I'm the guy who created the .pdf's of the ACL
I & II manuals you'll find online.)

 Ya know what else I learned?  Shooting film is freakin' expensive!
Especially since all of it came out of *MY* pocket.  (No rich uncles,
grants or studios behind this dreamer.)  I'm planning on selling my rig
and shooting high quality video for the next one.  (Yes, film is
beautiful, but my wallet looks like it got mauled.)

 I got all sorts of goodies attached to my camera: B&W AZ Spectrum
video tap (which I'm willing to remove from my camera if someone wants
it on their camera)  An upgraded Du-All variable speed motor.  (The one
with the protruding box with a little counter, heavy duty motor which
can be set anywhere up to 75 frames per second.)  Super 16mm.

 I'll be getting some detailed pictures of everything online soon.
(which I'll link here first)  Lemme know if anyone has some early
interest in getting a video tap onto their camera.

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