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Re: Eclair ACL zoom lenses vs. primes ... the Angenieux 12-120

I will of course report to the group on my findings but I will say up front that I don't have a ton of comparison experience. I've only done one serious project (a PSA media campaign for TV) and I shot the whole thing on a crystal-synced R16 with c-mount lenses. Mostly Angies (12-120, 25/.95) but also some switars (10mm) and assorted low-light cheapies (Computar 12.5-75/1.2). I was acutally very suprised by the quality of the Computar, I thought it was going to be utter garbage. But then I've never shot with zeiss superspeeds or cooke primes, so you all probably think these lenses eat dirt. :) Anyway, I probably won't be shooting anything soon with my 10-150 (for my new ACL), but when I do I'll let you know what I think.

Marc S.

From: Julian Williamson <julian3rd@earthlink.net>
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Subject: Re: Eclair ACL zoom lenses vs. primes ... the Angenieux 12-120
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 11:58:31 -0600

Marc S.:

I didn't include the 10-150 T/2.3 Zeiss in my comparisons because it's been
a long while since I shot with it, and I don't trust my memory in comparison
with the others...  I'll be anxious to know your findings.

Someone mentioned the different requirements for "fulfilling a technical
requirement of (a) production when reputation and job depend on it"...

I quite understand this, and am very careful about lens selection depending
on the job.  I shot a national commercial with my ACL, but the lenses were
the 10-100 Zeiss T/2 and a Zeiss prime... As the colorist said "It's all in
the lens, man", and that's quite true.

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