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RE: Eclair ACL ACL Handgrips and HD144 kits

You can find Les' handgrips at this URL, http://www.lesbosher.co.uk/cameracon.htm Just hit the Eclair ACL link and it should take you there. I also sent him the top handle off my ACL to see if he can produce something similar to it. If you need one (and I know you do) let him know and he can ship them back with mine and save on some shipping costs. It should be pretty close to the original Eclair T handle that seems to be missing from alot of ACL's.

I highly recommend Mark's HD144 kits. I have two and they are top quality. I haven't had them installed yet do to a lack of funds but I do intend on doing it this year and will probably have Bernie O'Doherty do the install. Bernie is an ACL List member as well, so maybe he will pop his head out and introduce himself.


Salvador Calvo wrote:
Hi Les,
I can´t find any anatomic handgrips in your site...

Les Bosher wrote:

> Take a look at my Web Site , you might find what you are looking for.
> Also , I've been asked to make some top handles for the ACL , the more
> people want 'em , the better the price.

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