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Re: Eclair ACL c-mount v. nikon mount

Wade ,
Haven't heard that story , but having seen Gordon Cooke at work , I believe
it !
When I worked at Technovision Cameras on Anamorphic lenses we had a problem
we could not resolve . Gordon came to see us , scratched his head , asked if
I had a pencil , scribbled some notes on a Cigarette packet , & went away
.About a week later a package arrived containing a little optical unit.
I bolted it on , & it worked!

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Les Bosher wrote:

>...Now , the other question regarding Cookes.
They are in most peoples opinions the best lenses that have ever been
made .
I went to the factory some years ago & can vouch for the fact that
they were
totally hand made , including grinding & polishing the Optics , on
real turn
of the century machinery....<

In connection with that, the late Ken Richter (Richter Cine Equip.,
auto collimator, EMP camera) told a story about Cooke.  Years ago, BC
(before computers) he would on occasion visit a friend who was a lens
designer at Cooke.  If I recall the story correctly, on one occasion
Ken told me he had a suggestion for an improvement on a lens design
and suggested it to the designer.  The designer thought about it a
minute, wrote something on a piece of paper, then stepped briefly into
a nearby room.  A few minutes later someone came out of the room and
handed him a note.  He read it and told Ken that the idea might be
possible.  Ken, curious about what was in this other room, asked to
look in.  Inside were a number of desks with school boys seated,
working out mathmatical equations for the lens designers.  These young
geniuses were Cooke's "computers"!  I think this would have been in
the late '40s, early '50s.

Les, did you ever hear this?

Wade Ramsey

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