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RE: Eclair ACL EXP ON/OFF switch

Let me try this again...  Now I see the Topica does not allow imbedded
picture, no matter how small.  I had a few pictures of the front of my
camera and the EXP switch.  In addition there is no light meter in this
camera.  I have one in my ACL1.5 but not in this camera?  Also of interest
is the side of the motor?  There is no inching knob like other ACL2's???  I
don't know if this is an early model ACL2 or a late model.  The camera
serial number is No.2947  The motor number is No.3261

From Mark's email it sounds like the 'E' motor switch setting is for using
an external speed control device like a Fisher controller???  In this
regard, has anyone out there had the output switch on the base converted to
a Fisher 11 pin?  I see in photos on AZ Spectrum's website
(http://hometown.aol.com/azspectrum/acl.html), that they have done this
conversion.  Any feedback on them or others who can do this conversion?

Thanks for you help everyone!

Chris Bell
Chris Bell
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Chris -

My ACL II Base seems to have different markings from yours (Hmmm?). There
no EXP ON/OFF beside the power switch, although I would guess it turns the
EXPOSURE METER on and off.

As for the "E" setting, mine says "MOTOR EXT. SYNCHRO - WITH/WITHOUT" and
presumeably allows the use of either the ACL II Motor (which has the
to receive an External Crystal Speed ), or the ACL 1.5 Motor, which didn't
have the ability to accept external sync.

Which markings do other ACL II owners have?

Anyone have a xerox of the manual?


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