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RE: Eclair ACL EXP ON/OFF switch

Let me try this again...  Now I see the Topica does not allow imbedded
picture, no matter how small.

actually, i got the images in the email. i think it depends on your email program and its settings. attachements tend to be more reliable than inline images, but a lot of mail list servers strip them entirely. i'm using Eudora Pro 4 for the mac, and they came through fine.

on a related note, my ACL, a 1.5, has the large base, but does not have the "exp" switch in your pictures - is that for the built in slate or is that a light meter thing? i have a switch to turn the slate on and off, but it's on the right side [as you're holding the camera], directly in front of the power socket.

I have the HD motor with inching knob and "E" setting, which is for an external controller, i was told. i was also told that the motor really doesn't like external controllers, but i don't know how much stock to put in that.

I understand that 1.5 means different things, and that since these cameras were so interchangable, i may have parts from half a dozen different units. Mine also originated from Russia [it was owned by a TV station that liquidated their cameras about 6 years ago to the guy i bought mine from]. i have a really funky home made top handgripm crudely machined out of aluminum. so who knows - you may have bits and pieces of the same pool of cameras mine came from!


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