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Eclair ACL ACL - Arri Adapter

Hi Vic ,
Not quite sure what you mean by an ACL Zoom Adapter.
Do you mean that your Zoom lens has a Cameflex mount ( generally bronze ) & is 46mm diameter which fits in the TS/CA Adapter ( which has a bronze insert ) ?
If you do , next question , are your Schneider lenses mounted in Arri Standard , ( 41m Diameter with a groove at the back ) as opposed to the Arri Bayonet mount with 2 lugs ?
The options are , 1. A CA1 Adapter which is Stainless steel & the Arri bayonet lens twists into it , 7 it twists into the Cameflex mount. I can also put screws in this mount to make a semi permanent mount ( ideally you would need 1 for each Arri Standard mounted lens.

2. A dedicated Arri Standard - ACl (TS ) Adapter which Eclair used to make ,& I could be persuaded , which allows you to change lenses rapidly

I'm running a batch of CA 1 's at the moment , & will shortly post some Lens Mount pics on my Site

If there's enough interest I'll make several Option 2's (see above ) & try for a sensible price . If you've got access to an ACL Manual you'll see it there  , it's quite a mount.


Web Site : -  www.lesbosher.co.uk
Tel/Fax :- 01685 811422

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