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Re: Eclair ACL Nikkor Lens gears?

I make Aluminium Gears for follow focus . In my experience nylon or acetal
gears are not rigid enough to stay true , feel rough on the FF ,are
generally white (yuk) & don't last 5 minutes . To cut them in black Acetal
would save me a fortune in Manufacturing & anodising costs , but I can't
afford the loss of happy customers.!!
If you are detemined to waste money the teeth are 0,8 Module
Les the old feller.
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Subject: Eclair ACL Nikkor Lens gears?

Help! I am building a nice collection of Nikon 35mm F mount prime lens,
here is the problem.  I want to use my follow focus which is set up for
with gear teeth.  I was hoping to find a nylon gear that was large enough
cut out the center and slip over the my Nikon lens.  Has anyone attempted
this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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