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Re: Eclair ACL ACL extension tube

Hi Ray. My guess is that any extension tube designed for a 16mm camera could be adapted in some-way-or-other once the eyepiece is unscrewed from the ACL finder and the extension tube then fitted with correctly engineered adapters so that it will attach in-between the ACL finder and the ACL eyepiece. (The ACL finder would just attach to the ACL body as normal). It might take the addition of a diopter --- or fiddling with the position of the lens inside the tube --- to get it to focus correctly, but I imagine that it should be do-able. I'll bet Les would have some ideas on that. Maybe he's done it before. Are there any sources of surplus [ie-cost effective] CP extension tubes around? If this could be done for a reasonable price it would certainly extend the usefulness of the ACL as a full-service production camera. Mark. PS - I just replaced the 2 transmission gears in one of my ACLs (they reside under the left rear housing), and a loud meat-grinder useable for second-unit-MOS-only now purrs like a kitten. If anyone out there has a gear-making machine, I think that replacement gears would be the best spare part to put on the market to save many a veteran ACL from the trash heap.

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