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Re: Eclair ACL ACL extension tube

The Angenieux and Kinoptic orientable finders use different bases.
You can't screw one finder onto a finder intended for the other base, though
the bases are easily changed on the camera.

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Hi Mark,
Do you think the extension tube made for the CP-16/GSMO would work?  I
know there was some cross compatibility between the CP finders and the
later Eclair removable viewfinders.  You might actually need the CP
orientable finder to use the tube, but I believe those viewfinders will
fit the NPR and ACL as well.

Either way it would be a handy item to have for the ACL.


Mark wrote:
> I received the following e-mail:  "Is there an extension viewfinder for
> the
> acl or an adapter for an Arri extension?"  <A
> HREF="mailto:wmr@maui.net";>wmr@maui.net</A>
> Here was my response. Anyone else have any info?
> I'm not aware that any extension tube was made for ACL finders, since
> the ACL
> and finders were intended for hand-held, documentary use. I've always
> intended to build one. If you open up the finder housing, you'll find
> the
> eyepiece is being held in place with a retaining ring. Loosen the ring,
> which
> is tightened to an extreme, and then just epoxy it back in place. Now
> you can
> unscrew the eyepice when you want to. Now experiment with a cardboard
> tube
> and a lens inside. When you find the right focal length lens (I was
> going to
> experiment with an Angie 17.5-68 zoom so that I could zoom in close for
> focus, then back out), you'll need to have a tube machined with threads
> to go
> into the finder at one end, and allow the eyepice to screw in at the
> other.
> I would guess that an Arri extension could be adapted --- you'd need to
> machine rings for either end that will screw into the finder and allow
> the
> eyepiece to go in the other end. You might have to play with the
> positioning
> of the lens inside the tube to get correct focus, or possibly the exact
> length of your adapters would need to be considered.
> Let me know if you get something to work. I'm sure that many an ACL user
> would like such a device if someone else did all the R&D and just told
> them
> which lens works.  Mark.
> PS - An NPR orientable finder adapted to the ACL is two inches longer
> than
> the ACL finder, so it is like having a 2" extension built in. I'm
> planning to
> auction one on e-Bay soon (with an ACL adapter). I even had an adapter
> tube
> with threads made for it, ( a fatter tube with the lens inside would
> need to
> be inserted in the middle), but never got around to experimenting with
> lenses.

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