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Eclair ACL Extension Viewfinder

Hi Guys ,
Caught your thread about the Extension Viewfinder.
Simplicity itself , in theory.
There are basically two ways of going about it .
1 . The Arri way .
2. The Aaton way Both ways are similar in that all the self levelling optics are inside the camera , so Aaton change the tube complete with eyepiece , Arri put a tube on & put the eyepiece on the back.
The ACL is a totally different animal.
All the optics are in the Kinoptik eyepiece ..
So the only way to do it would be to cut the unit apart in front of the focussing eyepiece , & make a fitting to put it back together again ( just like Humpty Dumpty so far )
Then the Extension would have to be made . Lots of glass in a tube.Most unlikely that you would find something ready made as the various focal lengths need to be matched & it needs to be kept as fast as possible . No point if you can't see through it !
I could do it , but it wouldn't be cheap.
The price of my PL - Arri Adapter scares some , even though it's about the cheapest on the market (made of Stainless Steel anyway , beware those of mild steel which go rusty first time they're used )
If anyone is interested I'll investigate further , but a guess at a price would be about $1000.00 . Let me know, & I'll price it properly.


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