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Re: Eclair ACL 14.4v and 400' mags

Yep, 14.4v worked for us.  BTW, when the French mags first came out,
either the news release or the importer pointedly mentioned the fact
that they would not work with the small motor.  No point in forcing it
and losing your motor!


cinesota@yahoo.com 2/28/02 5:11:22 PM >>>
Hey all,

I concur with Mark's theory about using a 14.4v battery with the
small ACL motor. I found that combined with the English designed 400' mags

that my ACL has been able to reliably pull a 400' film load.  I
wouldn't try it with the French mags though. Even with more voltage you would

probably burn out your motor. A couple of other things worth considering if you are using the small motor with an English 400' mag...
First, I would make sure your camera is in tip top order and properly

lubricated. The motor is already at it's limit and any undo stress might cause problems. What I'm gettin' at is don't try this with that gem you found on ebay until you've had a qualified tech check your camera and make sure everything is up to spec. Secondly, I would allow your camera to "cool down" if you just shot a

long take.  Don't try to squeeze off mag after mag or you might
overheat the motor. The lil guy is trying as hard as he can and it doesn't hurt to give the motor a breather once in awhile.

Hopefully someone will find this info of use.  Your mileage may vary.

Most of it's just common sense.  Maybe it will keep us small motor
guys going until we can afford Robert's motor or the Tobin unit.

By the way, I too am interested in Mark's onboard battery holder (but

Mark knew that already).


ps. To give credit where credit is due, I believe it was Wade that
first mentioned using 14.4 volts with the ACL. Thanks Wade!

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