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RE: Eclair ACL T2 super 16 conversion

Aloha Les,  I'm trying to find a used T2 to convert to S16.  Do you have any leads and when will you be setup for the conversion and what will be the turn around time on the work.  Regards, Mercer
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 Subject: Eclair ACL Ray's 'Heads Up ' etc

 Hi All ,

 I'm all in favour of adding the NPR & the Bolex to the Forum , I Super 16 them both ! I also make a PL Hardfront for the CM3 , or fit Nikon Mounts into the Cameflex Port.

Being a sceptical Brit , isn't Hotmail something to do with Microsoft ( the only business in the World that can sell you faulty goods & then charge for a fix , which then needs another fix @ big bucks , then............) . Why would it be expected to work ? Answers on a postcard .

 Mark , haven't fogotten the rossettes , making a batch , contact you when ready ,  with a silly price .

 All you guys who responded about the ACL Top Handle , thanks for your response . When ready , I'll let you know a price . There's enough of you for it not to be a 'one off ' job.

 My Super 16 Zeiss etc Zoom Lens conversion is now up to my Optical Standard , so I'll be letting it loose on you pretty soon .
 Price to be $700.00 after 20% Discount to you , fitted & including new Iris & Zoom Scales
 A bit better than $1800. 00 + fitting from Optex etc.


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 Tel/Fax :- 01685 811422

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