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Re: Eclair ACL Regarding Timelapse


Thanks for the detailed comments.

From: Robert Latimer <themoviehouse@hotmail.com>

The motor listed on the ergomatrix page for the Bolex certainly wouldn't
drive the ACL as the torque on the ACL is considerably higher.

I originally bought the motor for use with a Beaulieu R16 and only later wondered if it could be adapted to the ACL. Sounds like I might be better off sticking to the R16 with this motor. I got it for $35, so I'm not complaining. :)

However, stepping motors have major drawbacks when used for timelapse work.
Firstly, they are incredibly shaky and the camera will vibrate heavily
whenever it's in use.  Secondly, they're not very accurate, even though the
step angle is specific, they have a tendency to overshoot and you can find
yourself with an open shutter on certain frames.  Synchronous motors and
drivers have a much greater range of control and will allow faster and more
accurate shutter/timelapse speeds.

Interesting... faster shutter speeds certainly would be an advantage.

I couldn't find any information on this unit if the exposure time can be set
independently of the timelapse.  According to the blurb, minimum exposure
time is 1/6th of a sec which makes for an incredibly long exposure,
especially for daylight timelapse use.  You'll be racking up lots of ND
filters to compensate.  Either that or you'll be ending up with long blurry
streaks across the frame for moving shots or sticking to nightime use.

Yep... nighttime use indeed. That and sunsets shot at f/22 with 50D stock. *shrug*

I think the $3000+ tag referred to was the Norris Intervalometer which is
far and away the best piece of timelapse kit ever built.  It's a very
sophisticated unit with an electronic eye that will adjust shutter speed and
timelapse rate to match a specific exposure.  It can also be adapted to fit
just about any self-capping camera.  All the timelapse shots in NIXON were
filmed using one. If you have the money, you should go for it, I saw one on
Ebay recently.

That is indeed the one I was talking about. I checked eBay and didn't find a record of that. How much did it go for?

Marc S.

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