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Eclair ACL Nikon mount & bloop switch

I've been reading this site for the last six months
and have found it invaluable in informing me about the
ACL which I had purchased and am currently having
converted to super 16mm.  Thankyou to everyone who
puts such good information up in this quality group.

I got a question.  People seem to be using Nikon still
lenses with the ACL.  Is there a standard Nikon lens
mount or are there many different sorts?  And does
anyone manufacture an adaptor for the ACL?
I have always been a big fan of the Minolta MD mount
Prime still lenses particularly the 28mm, 50mm and
135mm:  very sharp with excellent contrast and colour
rendering.  Does anyone have experience with these
lenses on the ACL if indeed it is possible?  If so,
does anyone manufacture an ACL adaptor for this

One more question.  RE:  Bloop switch. I am a
documentary film maker and will shoot plenty of
interviews with the ACL.  I have an ACL1.5 (as far as
I have been able to identify).  I have the 3 pin
battery connection.  Is there a way to get a bloop
signal out to a sound recording device (For later
synching with the camera flash)?  I understand most
people wouldn't have a use for this but I often work
in a crew of 2 (camera and sound) and would love not
to have to slate or mic tap on occasion.

From what I can tell it is possible to do this with
the 4 pin battery by running a 4 pin jagger connection
out of it to a sound recording device.  I read this in
the manual, but there's nothing in there regarding the
3 pin battery.  I'd appreciate any information about
the possibility.

Thanks again for the great site.  Hopefully I can make
a contribution as my ACL experience grows.

Paul Williams
Melbourne, Australia

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