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Re: Eclair ACL ACL and Sony DAT

As far as I am aware, there should be no sync issue shooting film at 25fps for transfer to PAL, and recording sound on DAT. I believe that the issue only arises when shooting for NTSC at 23.976. But always consult with your transfer facility first. Since those of us on this side of the Atlantic don't have much experience with PAL and 25fps, and I am not speaking from practical experience, please report back if you discover anything special. Thanks. Mark. (PS - If you intend your project to ever be screened as a film print, either on 16mm or blown up to 35mm, then it is probably wise to shoot at 24fps. Again, consult with your transfer house to find out how they would then deal with 24fps film in the transfer to PAL. There are probably several options. But even at 24fps, I don't believe that there would be a sync issue recording on DAT).

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