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RE: Eclair ACL ACL and Sony DAT

Hi Kurt,

The issue with filming at 23.976 is, I believe, only for an NTSC
transfer. The only experience I have with PAL is going from video to
film, in which case you have to slow it down (4% I think) - so my guess
is that you'll have to do something to the audio to make it sync if you
shoot at 24, but not if you shoot at 25.

Anyone know for sure?


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I'm really excited about the ACL that I have just purchased so I hope you don't mind a few more questions.

I have a Sony D7 portable DAT recorder. Will I run into any problems using this unit for sync sound with the ACL? I'll be having my film material RANK transferred to PAL video for the edit. Anything I should pay attention to? I suppose I should shoot at 25fps crystal, right? I remember reading somewhere that 23.9... was the better speed for film that is headed for transfer to video, or is that just NTSC video?




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