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RE: Eclair ACL ACL and Sony DAT

Hi Kurt,
I think it is irrelevant what speed you shoot at when using DAT or any other digital sound medium like mini-disc. Digital isn't susceptible to inconsistent power or tape stretch like a Nagra or other analog media is. 30 seconds of sound on a DAT is absolutely 30 seconds and won't vary. No need to resolve it or anything. You should be able to shoot at any normal synch speed and have no problems.

The 23.97 frame rate is strictly an NTSC thing because it is the speed that a telecine will transfer 24fps film, just as 29.97 is the actual transfer of speed of 30fps film. By slowing down your frame rate you are slowing down your original filming speed and therefore would have to adjust your original sound material accordingly. You are very lucky to have the PAL standard as it's 25fps across the board. I would follow Mark's advice though and double check with whatever transfer house you might be using.

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