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Re: Eclair ACL mags

Hi Mercer. Don't have any mags that I'm selling at the moment. Glad to hear that you were happy with the install Bernie O'Doherty did on the HD-144 Super-16 parts. I've heard nothing but compliments on his work ... and his price is the most reasonable on this side of the Atlantic. Remember that the 144 degree shutter won't sharpen the focus of your lens, but gives 1/60th/sec shutter speed which is subliminally sharper than the normal 175 degree shutter.(But you won't notice a difference to your eye short of a side-by-side comparison. The major reason for a 144-degree shutter in S-16 is to allow the mirror extra time to clear the larger aperture opening. I spent a lot of time --- and money, sigh --- developing the HD-144 shutter so that it would balance perfectly to keep the camera vibration free.) The off-axis mirror conversion in S-16 is a nice "peace-of-mind" thing, since at no time will any of the mirror still be in front of the frame while the shutter is open. While not doing this part of the conversion doesn't show any problem with the resultant footage, I find its a "pride of ownership" thing to know that the camera is up to full S-16 specs. And since I only have two of the kits left that have this feature, you'll also have a "specialty" item! And if you ever transfer to HDTV or blow-up to 35mm, you'll notice an incredible difference in quality in S-16 compared to R-16. Good luck. Mark

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