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RE: Eclair ACL 200ft mag with 350ft load?

HI Mark

Have you a picture of the modification you talk about?
It look very interesting ?

Pierre Sam

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Objet : Re: Eclair ACL 200ft mag with 350ft load?

To convert the 200' mag to 350', I also eliminated the entire feeding path
--- removed the plastic housing and rollers and I patched the hole between
chambers. I then added a tiny home-made little module to the top of the mag
containing the rollers, and cut holes in the top of the mag so that the film
now feeds through the top, into the small module, and then back down into
take-up side. It was necessary to machine a new spindle to have both the
roll of film and take up roll centered with each other (in the Eclair design
they are slightly offset), and I then cut out a big square piece from the
center of the mag and moved it slightly so that the rolls were dead center
the mag. 350'. Mark.

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