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Re: Eclair ACL mags and HD-144 conversion

Hi Mark,

I joined the list yesterday straight after a good
local doco DOP (here is Adelaide, South Australia)
convinced me the way to go was to go right down the
middle with an ACL. On Saturday he'll show me one he's
got spare, the one he's got still unconverted to S16.
I'll be planning to convert it to Super16 within a
couple of years and also to work in a reasonably
lightweight fashion.
I've got a very good technician not far away in
Melbourne (bruce@arandafilm.com.au) who can make
almost anything, including a very nice VistaVision
camera. I've come in on the tail end of your
description of the 350 foot mag and HD-144 conversion.
Is there any chance I could get Bruce making a couple
of mags up to your specs (and of purchasing the 144

David Offord

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