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Re: Eclair ACL Mark's S16 Overview

Hi Mark,
Are we too far away in Oz? This is something I would
very much like to work through over here if Bruce (in
Melbourne)at ArandaFilm is willing to go through the
process of making a couple of mags for me with yours
as a guide, I would like to work through whatever else
is needed with a very good tool and die maker I know
who works out of his own house in Victor Harbour not
far from here (in Adelaide). We are at the end of the
world here but the way the exchange rate of our dollar
has gone the last few year should make it advantageous
to do things here. I would certainly like the chance
to think this right through. Regards, David.

--- Mark <super16acl@aol.com> wrote:
Actually if Les or any other excellent machinist
wants to take over the project, I'd gladly send them
my prototype to save them a couple of years of R&D. I HATE DOING MECHANICAL STUFF! I just do it out of necessity. Seriously, I'd be happy to see someone much better at this polish it off, and probably come up with improvements. All I ask is
that I get my mag back with the improvements in it,
and be able to post photos on my site for other interested parties to clone! Let me know. Mark.

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